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  1. nonsurgical knee pain specialist in raleigh nc

    3 Nonsurgical Options for Joint and Tendon Pain

    3 Nonsurgical Options for Joint and Tendon Pain By Dr. Matthew Kanaan, Wake Nonsurgical Ortho (A Division of Wake Internal Medicine) Many patients deal with ongoing joint pain and tendonitis, and might even delay seeing a physician due to the fear of surgery. However, there are plenty of nonsurgical alternatives that exist today to help […]

  2. covid-19 vaccination information in raleigh, nc

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination Update

    We recognize that COVID-19 vaccines are at the top of everyone’s mind and that many individuals are hoping to schedule vaccinations with us. While we are eager to be a vaccine resource for all of our patients, we are at the mercy of the state to receive allocations. We have the staff and resources ready […]

  3. face mask policy at wake non surgical ortho

    What to Expect: Face Masks, Visitors, & Cleaning

    The Governor is expected to relax the stay-at-home order in North Carolina this Friday, but wearing a facemask when in public areas will remain a recommendation. At Wake Internal Medicine, we are asking all of our patients to please wear a mask or face covering when coming to the practice. Also, our preference is that […]

  4. New Treatments for Arthritis Pain

    New Treatments for Arthritis Pain at Wake Nonsurgical Ortho & Sports Medicine By Dr. Matthew Kanaan When you’re injured, your body immediately begins a natural healing process to repair the damaged tissue. Platelets migrate to the site of the injury and start releasing signals to trigger the immune response that initiates healing. Platelet-rich therapy, or […]

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