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use of adipose tissue has taken on increasing importance in the field of regenerative stem cell therapy.  It has recently obtained FDA clearance, but as of today,  insurance companies are not covering this procedure. It makes use of the high stem cell density of adipose thought to be 1 out of every 100 cells. This technique utilizes mild mechanical forces in a closed system to produce micro fractured and purified adipose tissue graft which is ready to use in a variety of orthopedic and regenerative applications.

Lipoaspirate is a type of autograft (from your own body), same-day stem cell therapy.

This is VERY important.  Many clinics are advertising stem cell injections, but are using amniotic stem cells (called an allograft).  These are not only of lower quality, but they also carry a small risk of infection.  If you are going to consider a stem cell therapy procedure,  you should always use your own stem cells, and not someone else’s cells.

Lipoaspirates are obtained from the abdomen or love handle area through a quick liposuction procedure. The gentle liposuction takes a few minutes, and the whole time in the office is an estimated 60-90 minutes.

WHAT is the COST?

The first office visit IS COVERED by insurance, and will be a history and physical. We will discuss the process, and get the consent for the procedure.

We will then schedule you for a second visit for the actual injection. This visit is NOT covered by insurance, and will be about 1 hr long. You will need to pay up front for the injection.  Contact us at our Raleigh, NC office to inquire about our  injection pricing.

If you have any questions about stem cells , please make an appt with Dr Kanaan to discuss this further before you spend thousands of dollars.


Many patients are doing very well with stem cell therapy.  By this we mean a decrease in pain levels, and an increase in activities. This does not mean that all patients will do well.

Mesenchymal Stem cell therapy works similarly to PRP in that it uses the patient’s own cells in an attempt to stimulate healing. The difference is that PRP uses platelets in the blood to boost healing, whereas stem cell therapy uses the patient’s own stem cells. There are several different types of stem cell sources, including amniotic, bone marrow and adipose tissue (or fat tissue). Dr. Kanaan is currently performing injections using both adipose and bone marrow as he feels that the evidence supports these sources over the use of amniotic stem cell injections. The evidence for stem cell injections is promising with most case studies showing decreases in pain scores, and increases in activities. However, Dr. Kanaan makes it clear to all of his patients that these procedures are purely experimental, and that there are no large clinical studies that show regeneration of tissue with either the PRP or the stem cell treatments.

Current Research on Stem Cells

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Josh Hamilton , Professional Baseball Player Talking About Stem Cells:



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Stem Cell Injections Raleigh /Cary NC


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