Anosmia – COVID loss of smell Treatment

Many viruses can cause smell loss, so it isn’t a shock that COVID-19 causes loss of smell and taste.

Researchers at Stanford Medicine have been experimenting with PRP treatments into the nose. Other researchers at Jefferson are using PRP soaked swabs to try and treat COVID loss of smell.

While this is experimental , it is completely safe. It is NOT currently covered by insurance since it is experimental. Call us if you have questions about cost.

Here are the studies to read:



How does it work?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated form of plasma, the liquid portion of blood, with blood cells and other blood components removed. It’s rich in platelets and, most importantly, growth factors — compounds known to help regenerate tissue. Platelet-rich plasma has been purported to treat mild arthritis when injected into joints, reduce wrinkles when used on the face, and even regrow hair when injected into the scalp.

At Wake Nonsurgical we use the swab technique which does not involve any pain as with an injection.

We will spin your blood , and then a sterile swab soaked with PRP will be inserted into your nostrils about as far as normally would be done with a COVID home test.

3 treatments per most ongoing studies is what we would advise, although we can stop at any point if improvement is made.

Who is a candidate?

Patients MUST be at least 1 month out from their active COVID infection (ie. their last positive test). This allows enough time for the inflammation to reduce, and for the normal healing process to possibly take effect. If the patient still has loss of smell after 1 month we would consider treatment.

What are the benefits?

  • There is very little risk to the patient, since we use the patient’s own blood
  • Same day procedure with minimal down time
  • Pain free procedure
  • The entire process takes about 15-20 minutes

Most patients are good candidates for PRP, unless they have bleeding disorders or active cancers. 

Why choose Dr. Kanaan for your PRP?

See why Dr. Kanaan is the expert in PRP and how he can help you receive relief from your orthopedic conditions.

  • Duke fellowship-trained nonsurgical orthopedic specialist.
  • Dr. Kanaan has performed thousands of PRP injections over the last 10+ years
  • Every time you visit our office you will meet with Dr. Kanaan.
  • Wake Nonsurgical Ortho is the Research Triangle’s first private practice solely dedicated to Nonsurgical orthopedics and Biologic Treatments

Many specialties use PRP, not just orthopedics, and the uses include PRP female hair lossPRP male hair loss, PRP for Face & Skin Rejuvenation and PRP for Orthopedics. We focus on the Orthopedic uses for PRP.


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