The Ultrasound Difference

Did you feel a pop while running or exercising?  Do you have an injury that never seemed to heal?

Sometimes an X-ray is normal, as it ONLY can see bone.

Ultrasound see everything else, and in real time.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, safe solution for diagnosing an injury, Wake Sports Medicine offers in-depth ultrasounds in Raleigh, NC. Read on to discover how ultrasound technology can benefit you!

wake sports ultrasound injections

  1.  There is no radiation exposure to the patient.  Unlike fluoroscopic or CT guided injections, or x-ray imaging, ultrasounds do not emit harmful radiation
  2.  Ultrasound guided injections are nearly 100% accurate. Studies show that “blind” injection accuracy rate from physicians is only between 60-80 percent. When it comes to providing relief from pain, accuracy matters.   
  3.  Ultrasound injections are virtually pain-free. Because it’s easy to see where the injection is focused, we can avoid repeated attempts at injections, making it a faster process.
  4.  You are a more active participant. With ultrasounds, we can show you what we see, the area of treatment, and you can even see injections going in as they happen.  
  5.  Ultrasounds are fast and convenient. At Wake Sports Medicine, our equipment is onsite, and we can see what we need to do in as little as five minutes.
  6. Rapid diagnostics. Using the ultrasound, we see the injured area almost immediately and can see the source of your pain. This gives us a better plan for a more successful treatment.

For more information about ultrasounds in Raleigh, NC, contact us at Wake Sports Medicine today!


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