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The Dangers of Steroids Injections


We have used steroid injections in medicine for many decades to decrease the pain of arthritis and inflammation in the soft tissue.  However, in more recent studies we are finding that the long term use of steroid injections can atrophy healthy tissue and weaken muscle and tendons.  And in many cases it can make the problem much worse in the long term. 

So why then do we use steroid injections?  Simply put, we don’t really have anything better.  


More recently Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have gained popularity and are suggested to be more effective and longer lasting than corticosteroid or visco-supplementation therapy with NO side effects and NO potential complications. 

PRP is obtained by a small blood sample from the patient, and then the same day is injected into the joint or area of pain.   

As of this writing there are several large studies comparing steroid injections to PRP injections and the majority of the studies do confirm that PRP at worst gives the same pain relief as steroid, and at best gives much longer lasting relief with NONE of the risks. 

PRP is not currently covered by most insurance plans  (except for military insurance), however it is affordable enough for most patients.  We are trying to balance the cost of these injections to make them available to more patients in the future. 

You can read more about the above research by searching the following information online 

  1. Click  “AAOS PRP technology overview”
  2. Click  “studies on steroid injections worsening arthritis”

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