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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Dr. Kanaan is a board-certified sports medicine physician and regenerative medicine specialist. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients suffering from orthopedic pain in Raleigh, NC. When you schedule an appointment at Wake Non Surgical Ortho you will not just receive care from our highly-trained team of orthopedic specialists but also Dr. Kanaan himself. For more information, please contact our office at (919) 719-2270 and schedule an appointment today! 

Why choose PRP over Stem Cells (MSC’s, Umbilical and Amniotic) first?

Advanced regenerative treatments are NOT covered by insurance, and there are a lot of clinics that use this to take advantage of patients by selling treatments that are misrepresented.  Never trust a clinic that promises results that are too good to be true. We at Wake Nonsurgical Ortho & Sports Medicine we try to have honest conversations with our patients about our outcomes.

So why choose PRP?  There are many reasons that we suggest trying PRP first, but we factor in the cost, patient outcomes, and the actual research that is available.  The evidence is actually really good for PRP in reducing pain for various conditions.

Same day spun PRP also contains some stem cells that circulate in the blood.  While they may not be in the same concentration as a fat or bone marrow aspirate,  we know that stem cells do circulate in human blood.

BEFORE you pay thousands of dollars on advanced regenerative treatments we would suggest taking with Dr. Kanaan about all options and we would suggest trying PRP before jumping straight into stem cells (MSCs, umbilical , amniotic, etc).

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Many patients are do well with stem cell therapy.  By this, we mean a decrease in pain levels and an increase in activities.  Any clinic claiming to regenerate your tissue, and charging $10,000 to do that, should be thought of as misleading and you should promptly exit that office.

How much does Stem Cell Therapy cost? 

Our current price of  stem cell therapy is $2850.00 per treatment.

*Insurance does not currently cover stem cell therapy despite a growing body of evidence in support of this procedure.  We take many payment options.

Our Philosophy…

At Wake Nonsurgical Ortho & Sports Medicine we focus entirely on nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments to relieve knee pain, promote healing, rehabilitate, and prevent future injuries.  We also strongly feel that the key to a long and healthy lifestyle is to stay active, and we make every attempt to return patients to the recreational and competitive activities that they enjoy.

Schedule an Appointment for Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Matthew Kanaan is a board-certified sports medicine physician who specializes performing stem cell therapy for patients looking to relieve their chronic pain and get back to living an active lifestyle. He understands that the key to a long and healthy lifestyle is to stay active, and we make every attempt to return patients to the quality of life that allows them to enjoy recreational and daily activities they enjoy. For more information about how stem cell therapy can help get you back in the game, call (919) 719-2270, and schedule a consultation today! 


*NOTE TO PATIENTS: If you are interested in PRP, Stem Cells, or Lubricant Injections you will need to schedule a “NEW PATIENT visit”  to discuss your medical history with Dr. Kanaan first.  This is usually covered under your insurance plan.   We will sometimes make exceptions for patients traveling over 3 hours to our clinic.

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