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Knee Pain & the Common Causes

By Dr. Matthew G. Kanaan

Knee pain

Knee Pain is a very common and sometimes very concerning symptom that patients face.  Fortunately for most the pain is a very short lived problem that does not lead to any knee damage.

The most common reasons for KNEE PAIN , can be categorized based on the following questions:

1. Is the pain related to a fall or injury?  In this case it is advised to see a physician soon.  Most injuries of the ligaments, bone, and meniscus require some mechanism of injury.

2. Is there  Pain AND swelling ?  Swelling of the knee in younger patients (under 50)  usually means something is wrong inside the knee joint. This needs to be evaluated by a physician.   Swelling of the knee in the older patients (50 and up)  can be as simple as a flare up of arthritits.

3. What makes the  pain worse ?  In general KNEE PAIN that happens with basic activity (walking , standing up, and rest)  is usually more severe than KNEE PAIN that only happens with vigorous activity (running long distance, deep bends , and lifting weights)

4. Has the pain been there before ?  People that have had knee pain for years usually do not have acute injuries.  It is more likely that they have something chronic, such as arthritis , or a benign alignment problem.  People that have knee pain all of a sudden after an injury likely have something more serious that has occurred , especially if there was a fall or trauma.

At Wake Sports Medicine in the Raleigh / Cary NC area ,  we can evaluate and diagnose all the above causes of knee pain.  Dr. Matthew G. Kanaan is a Trained Sports Medicine Physician who specializes in nonsurgical orthopedics, and injuries.

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