Bone Marrow (BMAC) and Lipoaspirate (“Stem Cells”)

The use of adipose tissue has taken on increasing importance in the field of regenerative stem cell therapy. It has recently obtained FDA clearance. It makes use of the high stem cell density of adipose thought to be 1 out of every 100 cells. This technique utilizes mild mechanical forces in a closed system to produce micro fractured and purified adipose tissue graft which is non expanded and ready to use in a variety of regenerative applications. More importantly, this adipose product has a very well preserved vascular stroma with slit-like capillaries wedged between adipocytes and and vascular channels.

Lipoaspirate is a type of autologous (from your own body), same-day stem cell therapy.

This means the collected stem cells are put into a different part of the body in the same person during the same day procedure. Lipoaspirates are obtained from the abdomen or love handle area through a quick liposuction procedure. The gentle liposuction takes a few minutes, and the whole time in the office is an estimated 60-90 minutes.

WHAT is the COST?

The first office visit IS COVERED by insurance, and will be a history and physical. We will discuss the process, and get the consent for the procedure.

We will then schedule you for a second visit for the actual injection. This visit is NOT covered by insurance, and will be about 1 hr long. You will need to pay up front for the injection. Contact us at our Raleigh, NC office to inquire about our injection pricing.


To date there is weak evidence that lipoaspirate or bone marrow regenerate or regrow anything. There are a lot of small studies.  But there are NO large clinical trials to suggest that these injections work. While a lot of clinics promise grand results with these injections, the truth is that we physicians have NO IDEA what we are doing with stem cells. With that said, a lot of us think that stem cells “might” help to heal damaged tissue in the body. Unfortunately we are not sure which stem cells are best for patients.

Personally I think there is promise orthobiologics, and that is why I offer it , HOWEVER I will never make any false promises or claims to a patient about possible results. If we knew that stem cells definitely regenerated meniscus or cartilage than insurance would cover it, as it would be cheaper than a surgery.

If you have any questions about stem cells , please make an appt with Dr Kanaan to discuss this further before you spend thousands of dollars.

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