TeleHealth Visits

TELEHEALTH : You can now see Dr Kanaan virtually on your smartphone or computer

Is it covered by my insurance? Yes, telemedicine is now covered by insurance.

What if I don’t have insurance? Or I live in another state? We can offer a cash price for a TeleHealth consult without insurance, or if you are out-of-network. We can take payment via the website or by phone.

How does it work? Schedule the appointment and then get us your records. Dr Kanaan will review the records and then he will see you online/via the web, and discuss nonsurgical alternatives if available. Dr. Kanaan is NOT against surgery. In fact he does advise surgery sometimes, but he will do his best to be impartial and unbiased to provide you the best advice possible.

Instructions for Telehealth visit with Dr Kanaan

  • STEP 1 : Call 919-719-2270 and ask to schedule a TeleHealth visit with Dr Kanaan for a second opinion.
  • STEP 2: Fill out the intake form in the link below (Ideally 24 hours before your appointment. TeleHealth Intake Form
  • STEP 3: 10-15 min prior to your scheduled appointment visit this link on your computer or smartphone. *You will need to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari(Apple Devices). VIDEO CALL with Dr. Kanaan

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